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Magdalini Sakellaridi was born in Piraeus, but grew up in Volos. When she was 16, she received the first prize in a national student contest on her theme "The port of Volos". Having her father and mother painters and violinists, she got her first lessons with them and late on she studied at the Chagivaggelis School of Art at the department of design for three years. At the age of 21, she finished her violin studies at the Athens' Greek Music School, where her father, Pericles Sakellaridis, was a professor.
During her studies she painted a lot, but in 1996, when she finally decided to work exclusively with her passion, painting, opening an art school on Volos, then on Scopelos island and during last years on Mykonos, where she has organized the Art Studio Gallery at Goumenio Square, where she works and exhibits her paintings at the same time. 
The sea, the pebbles, boat rust, reeds and nopals are her favourite themes. Her work also includes doors and canvas... Her work can be found at Averoff Museum, the Sifnos Folk Museum, at the Town Hall in Syros and Mykonos, at the Greek Embassy in China, etc. Furthermore, in private collections in Greece and abroad. Since 2010, she also works on interior design and decoration.
1. First Navy Sallon of Thessalia, 1996, themde
2. Gallery Atahnasiou, 1996, Volos, individual
3. Cultural organization of Iolikos municipality "Theofilia 96", 1996
4. Cultural organization "Anixis" Athens, 1996, individual
5. Cultural organization Makrynitsa Pilio, 1996, individual, distinction
6. Cleopatra Miramare, Damouchari, Pilio, 1998, individual
7. Municipality of Tsagarada, Pilio, 1997, individual
8. 3rd Navy of Thesalia, 1998, individual
9. Nanopoulos School of Tsagarada, Pilio, 1998, individual
10. Cultural organization of Thessaloniki, 1998, individual
11. Gallery ENOTIO, Volos, 1999, individual
12. Art Gallery of Municipality of Mykonos, 1999, individual
13. Community Centre, Intelectual of Athens, 1999, individual
14.Decorative Club of Anixi, 2001, individual
15. Apollonia Sifnos island, 2001, individual
16. Municipality of Sifnos, 2002, individual
17. Art Gallery of Mykonos, 2002, individual
18. Kanoula Room, Thessaloniki, 2003, individual
19. Municipality of Sifnos, 2004, individual
20. Apollonis Foundation of Prokos, Sinos, 2005, individual
21. Municipality of Ermoupolis, Syros, 2006, individual
22. Municipality of Anixix, 2005, individual
23. Municipality of Ermoupolis, Syros, 2006, individual
24. Municipality of Holargos, Athens, 2006, individual
25. Art Gallry of Mykonos, 2006, individual
26. Prokos Foundation, Sifnos, 2006, individual
27. Cultural Centre of Arahova, 2007, individual
28. Gallery L-S Elounda Mare, Crete, July 2007 
29. Art Gallery Syros, September 2007,
30. Prokos foundation, Sifnos, August 2007
31. Astir Pallas, 2007
32. Municipality of P. Faliro, Athens, 2008
33. Municipality of Anixi, 2009,
34. Poseidonion Grand Hotel, Spetses island, 2009
35. Municipality Art Gallery, Mykonos, 2010
36. Municipality Art Gallery, Mykonos, 2011, individual
37. Municipality Art Gallery, Mykonos, 2013, themed